Friday, July 30, 2004

Senators Come Out!

June 2nd, in an interview on Joy Melbourne 94.9FM's Breakfast Bar with Brendan & Kaye, openly gay Democrat Senator Brian Grieg welcomed Senator Penny Wong to the ranks of out gay senators, joining himself and Green Senator Bob Brown - and pointed out that "if the other two gay
senators would come out" and vote en bloc with them, the gay community would hold the balance of power in the Senate.

Please, whoever you are, consider where your best interests and those of the community really lie - with a Prime Minister who has proved he is happy to put anyone else in harms way - refugees, children, soldiers, civil servants, defence staff, Peter Costello and now gays and lesbians and their children, only to keep himself in power - or with your fellow gays and lesbians, who only ask to be treated exactly the same as everyone else.

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Anonymous said...

Completely agree. If only more high profile aussies would come out the easier it would be for future generations. We need role models, just like everyone else. Whether it be politicians, judges, celebs, journalists or sports people (and heck, we know there are a few of those!) it will all help the cause of getting equal rights and full acceptance in society. It's very disappointing that some of the more obvious closeted high profile Australians continue to live behind closed doors. They could do so much good.

My betting is at least one of the not-out-yet Senators is a Liberal. How they can quietly sit back while their Government attacks their rights is beyond me, and the same goes for Australian Labor Party's pissy response on marriage.