Sunday, October 02, 2005

Community Radio Membership Drive

It's that time of year again: Spring comes around and Joy Melbourne 94.9FM - Australia's first (and I think only) 24/7/365 radio station is having it's annual membership drive.

I'm particularly keen to sign you up as a member because I present my daily current affairs show, The Rainbow Report, there.

We're a community radio station, which means most everyone who works there is a volunteer. We do have a certain amount of commercial sponsorship, but we're limited as to how much we can earn through that (by law), so we rely mostly on listeners becoming members.

Most community radio stations sell subscriptions, but we sell memberships.

The difference is that members get to vote for the committee of management, and to volunteer to work at the station. Joy belongs to it's listeners.

You don't have to live in Melbourne to listen or be a member: we're streaming live on the web.

It costs A$40 a year for full membership, A$25 if you're eligible for a concession, A$20 if you're under 18.

So please, join up and help keep us on air.


Doug Pollard

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