Thursday, July 03, 2008

Rainbow Report Tonight

We’ll talk to Paul Harris, convenor of the gay catholic youth group Acceptance – they’ve been banned from holding an event as part of World Youth Day.

And we’ll also hear from Amelie, of Community Action Against Homophobia, who’s organized a protest called NoToPope, which will hand out condoms to the young pilgrims as they make their way to mass with the pope.

Dr Graham Willet who lectures at the University of Melbourne, is organizing the 8th annual national gay history conference, which starts in nine days time. We’ll talk to him about the importance of gay history and the archives.

And Rodney Croome of the Tasmanian Gay & Lesbian Rights Group says there are now members of both main parties who are getting angry at their leaderships refusal to address the issue, and some of them may be getting close to rebellion.

That's tonight on the Rainbow Report 7-8pm Joy 94.9. Hosted by Doug Pollard, with this weeks guests Richard Watts of MCV and Pete Dillon. Streaming live at - join in live by emailing during the show

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