Wednesday, August 04, 2004

And in other news . . . . . . . .Warm up the turkey-baster, darl

In a decision that makes them seem to deserve the adjective Victorian, the State Government of Victoria restricts access to in-vitro fertilization – artificial insemination to you and me – to the “medically infertile”. It classifies lesbians and single mothers as “socially infertile” and therefore ineligible for medical assistance if they want to have a baby.

That means not only have some good old Victorian turkey-basters have been getting a fair workout, but, on a more serious notes, single women and lesbians trying to conceive artificially have had to travel repeatedly to clinics in the neighbouring state of New South Wales to do it. Given the costs involved, few can afford it – I guess you’d say they are the “financially infertile”.

But clever doctors and administrators at the Infertility Treatment Authority in Melbourne have found a loophole: lesbians and single mums are given sperm samples and told inseminate themselves at home. If they aren’t pregnant after four tries then – wham! – they’re medically infertile and eligible for medical help.

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