Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Both major parties agree on gay marriage ban

Gay-bashers - including the Prime Minister - gather in Canberra today

A veritable coven of gay-bashing Christian fundamentalists is gathering in Canberra today to try to bully the government into one more push to ban gay marriage. They’re furious that the opposition parties conspired to kick the issue into a Senate enquiry.

There’s the Australian Family Association and it’s mouthpiece Bill Muhlenberg – who recently campaigned against The L-Word, describing it at “toxic tv”, claims HIV can be spread in drinking water, says that 90% of gay men find human faeces pleasurable and – the lulu – insists there is no objective proof homosexuals are discriminated against.

The AFA is a front organisation for the shadowy right-wing National Civic Council, with links to the Catholic Church. The Council emphasizes traditional gender roles, what it calls ‘rigorous education’ (presumably at the hands of cane-wielding priests), and wants to make divorce much more difficult.

Also fronting up is the Endeavour Forum, of which the Pope will approve, since it’s brief is to Stop Feminism, and speakers from the Popes own legions.

Both Prime Minister John Howard and Opposition Leader Mark Latham have been invited to address the gathering, although both are expected to pass. I'll try and get more news on this later.


John Howard accepted their invitation - and told them he would re-introduce the government's amendments to the Marriage Act, to define marriage as being between one man and one woman, within two weeks.

This would pre-empt the Senate enquiry into the issue, which isn't due to report until October 7th. Mr Howard said he wanted the issue out of the way before the election, so that it wouldn't be an issue.

First indications are that he will get his way, with Labor spokesperson Nicola Roxon indicating that the opposition would go along with his plans.

Gay activists have condemned Labor's move as a sell-out and a breach of their promises to wait for the Senate's report.

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