Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gays don't want marriage

John Heard is at it again, missing the point entirely (click on the headline to see his latest rant in the Herald Sun).
He says that same sex attracted men and women "simply don't want gay marriages" and most gay partners have "no intention of ever "formalising' their relationships."
The point, however, is not that we want marriage - we want EQUALITY. A great many heterosexual couples aren't keen to marry, and many have no intention of formalising their relationships, but they can if they want to.
We can't, and until that is changed, we remain unequal and our relationships branded inferior.
I don't especially want marriage, but I will fight for it till we get it.

After meeting John Heard and being subjected to his bullying and hectoring on air, I'm even less inclined to give his point of view the time of day.

One point - he says on his blog that we 'massaged' the listener feedback, implying that we made it seem less favourable to him than it was. In fact, we declined to read out all the messages, or parts of messages, that were nothing more than personal abuse directed at John. For the record, of the 60+ responses in the course of the show, none backed John 100% and only a handful backed him in a qualified fashion. The rest disagreed with him.

Several - and many responses to me privately afterwards - expressed great sorrow and sympathy for John, and prayed that he would come to his senses before it was too late.

He says a lot of other things I could take issue with, too, but I decline to waste my time

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Anonymous said...

Great Show tonight on Joy Doug, I actually feel sorry John because it's quite obvious that he has some internal issues that he needs to deal with, sex being one of them.

He said it himself that the family, marriage is under attack! John and his ilk - Catholic Church, Family Association etc know that this is a culture war.

It's a fight between the progressives and the conservatives and they are losing it hands down, hence there strong arm tactics!