Thursday, May 08, 2008

Mimicking Howard

Couldn't say it better than this, so I won't.

The only thing I can add is that for me at least the honeymoon is over. After all the guff about keeping his election promises, when KRuddy found he had given two contradictory ones - one to the pseudo-Christians of the Australian Christian Lobby, that he wouldn't allow anything that 'mimics marriage', versus one to the gay community and the ACT, that he would let them legislate for civil unions - he decided to mimic Howard and keep faith with the pseudo-Christians.

Lest we forget, Australian Christian Lobby officer-in-charge is Brigadier Jim Wallace (above), former counter-terrorism expert and ex-head of the SAS, an organisation dedicated to perverting affable young Aussies into inventive and secretive elite killing machines, sent overseas to deniably murder for their country. Hardly the most Christian of professions.

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